Who are we ?

Rabbi Shalom Benizri, profession he practiced for forty-five years, developed his artistic talents he has always seen as a complement to his teaching at the service of his community.


Shalom Benizri expresses his artistic facet in the following terms:

“I was driven by the love of the Hebrew letter to adopt the technique of calligraphy, to express and translate its declension in different ways.
I paid special attention to the shape of the letter to its size, its form, its spirit and its meaning.
Its spiritual essence of heavenly origin faces the world below and gives it the known morphology.

The Sages, throughout the ages, taught us the scrupulous respect for its spiritual form and the verb that generated it.

The letter became my companion, my friend, my pedigree, my lovely toy with the sweetness and the flavour that makes the secret of the love I feel for it. »


After the paintings, stained glass, scarves, his last choice fell on the creation of an exclusive line of jewellery.


Rabbi Benizri asked Robert Goldmuntz to translate his imagination, his drawings in as many jewels.

Robert Goldmuntz, fourth generation of diamond dealers, has put his expertise into this challenge.

The fruit of this cooperation is “The Rabbi Shalom Collection”, a collection of 18 carat gold jewellery with some models, judiciously sprinkled with excellent quality diamonds.